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  1. 1 John 2 – read the chapter
    a) Read verse 1. How is John encouraging the believers not to sin? (By showing them the Father and the Son – see chapter 1)
    b) What happens if we sin (verse 1)?
    c) Verse 2 states the fact that Jesus has taken on the punishment for our sins and the sins of the whole world. The punishment for sin has been fulfilled by Jesus. We do not have to suffer for our sin. It is like someone paying a fine for us. Once it is paid, it is paid. If someone paid a fine for you, would you then still pay it yourself? This is the case for us and for all people. If someone has issues such as ill health or poverty, this is not the punishment of God. God put all His punishment on His Son. God is just and would not make you pay a price Jesus already paid.
    d) How do we know we know Jesus (verse 3)?
    e) What does John say about people who say they know Jesus but do not keep His commandments (verse 4)?
    f) How do we know that we are in Jesus (verse 5)?
    g) How should we walk (verse 6)?
    In verse 7, John is saying that the things which he has written to them they should already know.
    h) Read verses 8 to 11 and discuss.
    i) Read verses 12 to 142
    Fill in the blanks
    My s____________________________ are f____________________________
    for his name’s sake.
    I k____________________________ Jesus.
    I have o__________________________________ the wicked one.
    I k_______________________________________ the Father
    I am s___________________________________
    and the word of God a_______________________________ in me.
    j) Read verses 15 to 17. Describe the world.
    k) If someone loves the world, is the love of the Father in him?
    l) What abides forever? The world or the one that does the will of God?
    m) Read verses 18 and 19. Describe antichrists.
    n) Read verse 20. “Unction” means anointing.
    o) Read verses 21 to 24. It appears some in the church are questioning whether Jesus is the Christ. John is reminding them that they know the truth and advising they continue in the truth. What is the truth?3
    p) What is God’s promise to us (verse 25)?
    q) Why is John writing this letter (verse 26)?
    r) Read verse 27. Whom is the anointing?
    Write out verses 27 to 29.Put together the scripture.
    Ask the participants what they have learnt in the session.
    Finish the session with a prayer related to 1 John 2.